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Who were we?

* **Ajay** played lead guitar and wrote most of the original songs. He came from a wealthy family, and was the only one of us to ever drink so much alcohol before a gig that they could barely keep their eyes open.
* **Chris** was the drummer, and had “the classic drummer physique”.
* **Scott** played acoustic guitar and was the lead singer. When I met him he had fairly long, curly hair, though these days he is a lawyer and has a shorter, more conservative trim.
* and I played bass and performed backing vocals. I also sang the lead vocals on *Belinda*, which was a song that I wrote.

How did we meet?

I met Scott on my first day at University, as we lived on the same corridor in first-year accommodation (Rootes J, ground floor). We learned of each others musical talents early in conversation, and my initial impression was “he has long hair. I have never had a male friend with long hair before. Therefore we shall clearly be incompatible.”

At some point in the second term, he approached me and said “I’ve hooked up with a few guys through BandSoc and we’re looking for a bassist. Interested?” and I said “Yeah, why not.”

Originally we were a five-piece, but the guy called Nick (who played guitar) only showed up sporadically and so we booted him out.

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Albums of the year

It’s been a good year for music, but I’m struggling to put together a “Top 10 albums of 2005” list, for the following reasons.

Firstly, lots of albums which I would have wanted to put on the list were actually released in 2004 or sooner, and I felt that including them would be dishonourable.

Secondly, there are a few albums which I haven’t really listened to enough to be certain of my opinion, so trying to slot them into the order would be hit and miss.

So I’ve decided to make a list of albums what I have liked, and very vaguely categorise them as follows:

**The Best**

* Arcade Fire – Funeral
* Rufus Wainwright – Want Two
* Hard-Fi – Stars Of CCTV

**The Good**

* Foo Fighters – In Your Honor
* Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger
* Bloc Party – Silent Alarm
* Elbow – Leaders Of The Free World

**The Rest**

* Beck – Guero
* Doves – Some Cities
* Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better
* Ben Folds – Songs for Silverman

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Music Music reviews

Reading Festival 2005: Day 2

We were incredibly tired this (Saturday) morning, and so we slept in a bit. I then wanted to fill the car up with petrol, so by the time we were on site, we had missed the start of the music. I wasn’t too fussed about the first band, but I do think that we missed a treat by only arriving for the last two minutes of Editors. The crowd was immense for such an early-billed act, and those two minutes that we heard sounded like something special. I shall have to do some sort of penance.