• Unless you were already aware of the method that Anglerfish use to reproduce, this is going to blow your mind.


Perhaps you are familiar with Cuil, the search engine that was announced on Monday to the accompaniment of a lot of fanfare. People flocked to the site to find out more about this search engine that was designed by ex-Google employees and was going to knock Google off of the top spot. The site, naturally, collapsed.

When it finally did come back up, it was catastrophically bad. Searches for terms such as “rabbit” and “porcupine” returned zero results. It had other problems too (not safe for work).

We’ve all had a nice laugh about it during the last couple of days, but only this morning have I finally realised the truth.

Cuil was not designed by ex-Google employees. It was designed by current Google employees. It’s a covert operation that has been concocted to send out the following message to would-be competitors: “Do not try to beat us. You will lose.”

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Government wants to cut illegal filesharing by 80% by 2011


Daily links for 2008-07-22

Music Gear Photos

How to make an amp cover on the cheap

When the time comes when you need to carry your amp a short distance through a rain shower, you’ll find yourself wishing that you had a nifty means of keeping it dry. You can buy a fitted cover for a tidy sum, or throw something together on the cheap that does an adequate job.

My bass amp

This is my new bass amp – an Ashdown Electric Blue 12-180. You can get a fitted cover for £35 but I’m making one out of a spare Ikea shopping bag that cost 25p.

My Bands

Shiny Tight Stuff

*Much of the information here is redundant, since I’ve already written one extensive blog post on this subject, but I’m rewriting it here so as to follow the structure established in the first post in this series.*

Who were we?

* **Craig** played guitar and wrote songs. As time went by, he also developed a role as vocalist.
* **Nathan** played keyboards and sang backing vocals. He also had occasional turns as songwriter and lead vocalist.
* **Jim** was the drummer.
* and I played bass, wrote songs and sang vocals. Initially I did all the singing, but my role gradually decreased as Craig gained confidence, and when Nathan joined the band.

How did we meet?

Craig, Nathan and I all went to secondary school together. The story of how I met Craig is chronicled elsewhere on this site, but we didn’t become good friends until five years later, and we formed the band quite soon after that.

For a brief period, the band also included a friend of Craig’s called Martin. He joined us for a couple of gigs (second and third) and an album, but the less said about that, the better.

Nathan was a good friend of mine who I had known since I was 11 years old. Once the band had been going for about a year, he joined us as an occasional live musician, and eventually became a full-time member. Craig met Jim at college, after we’d all left school – the band had been going for about two years at that point.


Daily links for 2008-07-16


Not tadpoles then

Remember my tadpoles?

We’ve downgraded them from “tadpole” to “mosquito larvae”.

As you can imagine, we’re being slightly less hospitable these days.


Speed Dating, Part I :: The Seduction Line

  • “And that was that. We were only about five minutes into our date and Gloria had had enough. She pushed back her chair noisily, stood up and marched out of the room. I assumed at first she’d just gone to the loo or some such and would be back in time for her next date, but I realised later – when she didn’t return – that she’d gone for good.” Part II Part III