Comments Help

Why has my comment not appeared?

There are two possible explanations for this.

– The first possibility is that **you are blocking cookies from**. If this is the case, then rest assured that your comment is probably in the moderation queue, and should be approved within 24 hours. Still, why would you block my cookies? Do you not trust me? I assure you, they are delicious.
– The second possibility is that **your comment has triggered the spam filter**. Use the contact form to drop me a line, and I’ll retrieve your comment from the spam pile. I get a lot of spam to this site, so I don’t check the spam pile unless I know what I’m looking for.

What does “412 Precondition Failed” mean?

This cryptic message (I’d change it if I could) means that your comment was trapped by the mod_security Apache module, which protects against spam, hack attacks and SQL injection attacks. Sadly, it’s frequently a bit overzealous. Once again, use the contact form to drop me a line and I’ll try to help. Unlike the spam filter, there is no “spam pile” to retrieve your comment from, so you will need to resubmit it once I’ve cleared the way.

What about my privacy?

Your email address and IP address will be kept private. I don’t like spam either.

Can I get a feed of all comments on this site?

Yes you can. It’s here. You can also get a feed of all comments on an individual post by clicking on the feed icon at the top of the comments section. See the diagram below.

How to find the comments feed icon