I am your host, Pete. If you wish to get in touch with me, use the Contact form.

I live in a semi-detached house in England with my darling Karen, toddler Bernard and cat Maisy Colours.

I am eighty feet tall, made entirely of titanium, with rocket launchers for forearms and laser beams for eyes. I carry a satchel of kung po chicken on my knee. I write computer software for a living, and do all sorts of things in my spare time.

My preferred operating system is Ubuntu Linux. I take photos with a Nikon D40, and occasionally a Pentax Optio S30 when portability is a concern. I play the bass guitar and various other musical instruments. I’m in a band, and I also enjoy doing one-off projects.


The following are some of my least favourite words in the world (this list is under continual expansion):

* Apportion
* Aquamarine
* Chops
* Lolcat
* Metatarsal
* Norovirus
* Tsar

Words that I rather like (also a work in progress):

* Brisket
* “Bucket of smashed crabs”
* Cusp
* Drill
* Frame
* Staunch (verb, not adjective)
* Token
* Turbulent
* Veneer

Pointless Factulation

* Ever since hearing the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice as a child, it’s haunted me on a regular basis. Thought you might like to know that.
* I live under the Heathrow flightpath, approximately at the point where all the jumbo jets put their air brakes on. My life is lived to the accompaniment of a whooshing decelerating noise.


I used to offer loads, but it’s simpler now.

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