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My sister bought me a Brubox for my birthday. Here’s what it looked like a few weeks ago when I set it up:

beer in the brubox

And here’s how the bottles look now:

15 bottles of beer

The brubox generated 17 bottles of beer in total. I’ve already had a couple over the last week. I found it quite difficult to get the last few pints out of the brubox without whipping up all the yeasty deposits, so I’m expecting some variety in the quality from bottle to bottle, though the majority should be fine. Indeed, of the two bottles that I have tried so far, one of them was (I think) the last one out. I wouldn’t say that it was revolting exactly, but it certainly seemed very strong and very fizzy. The other one was delicious though.

I think I’m going to wait until spring before I do another batch, because otherwise the garage will be too cold for fermentation. The next one will be a mild or porter, I think.

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