Melting cheese

I wish that I’d planned this a bit better, and filmed the cheese from the moment when it went into the oven. And used a tripod too. Next time.

And yes, our oven door is incredibly clean.

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For us cheese addicts, putting up a video like that is just like teasing us with cheese p**nography. Salacious. Moist. Bubbling.

Sorry. I feel a bit overcome. As it were.

Oh dear, that came out wrong.

Anyway, can we have some details, please? Name of cheese? Brand? How did it taste? Consistency? Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera?

Not that I’m an addict, you understand …

It was a hefty portion of Cathedral City cheddar, grated, and then sprinkled onto the supermarket Pepperoni pizza. I’m a big fan of augmenting “freezer pizzas” with extra cheese, oregano and hot sauce.

Putting cheddar onto a pizza gives it a relatively pungent flavour when you are used to mozarella, though nowhere near in the same league as a few chunks of blue cheese.

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