Phns Rngng Dde.

The following requires prior knowledge of a certain Coen Brothers film and a certain (asinine) Internet meme. Ah, memes, let me count the ways that I love you.

The lack of continuity is intentional.

O Rly?
Ya Rly.
No Wai!

And a little bonus image…

Yr Phns Rngng Dude.

5 replies on “Phns Rngng Dde.”

Cheers man… Its like Lenin said, find the one whos most likely to *interupts* I AM THE WALRUS, Dude… *continues* profit… and theres your *interupts* I am the walrus, Dude… (Walter) DONNY SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOUR OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT HERE! *Confused* I am the walrus, Dude… (Walter) FUCKING VLADIMIR ILLAYANIVIC ULLYANOV, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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