With Cojones and Dark Glasses

This evening I face something of a dilemma.

A pub in the town has a weekly acoustic night, where all and sundry are invited to bring along an instrument and play. Last week I went along on a reccy, propped up the bar, supped a few jars of Guinness, and basically inspectigated proceedings using various senses.

My findings were not entirely conclusive, though neither were they of no help whatsoever. The number of active participants last week was small, though thanks to overheard conversations, I believe it to be likely that it will be greater this week.

The presence of a PA system reassures me that if I turn up with Pablo (who is one of [these][]) then I will be able to plug in and play. In an ideal world, I’d like to be able to play at a volume where the only person who can hear me is myself. Admittedly, this would be a very pessimistic approach to adopt, though perhaps wise given the circumstances. Alternatively, I could go into the city on Saturday afternoon, buy a [Godin][] (which I’ve had my eye on for a while now), and wait until next week to make my debut.

Or should I just accept that my performance will be less-than-stellar, gather my nerve, and march in with cojones and dark glasses?


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