In response to Gordon’s post, [Firefox Extensions Revisited][], this is a list of the Firefox extensions that I am currently using.

[firefox extensions revisited]:

* Adblock Plus (also on the iBook and at work) ((There are forks of Adblock all over the place, and it’s very, very confusing. I’ve had problems with on Ubuntu so I’m using a different version,, which is available here))
* Bookmark Backup 0.4
* Colorful Tabs 1.1 (also at work)
* 0.5.11 (also on the iBook and at work)
* Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0.1 (also at work)
* Download Manager Tweak 0.7.1 (also at work)
* Gmail Notifier
* ListZilla 0.7 (also on the iBook and at work)
* Menu Editor 1.2 (also at work)
* Mouse Gestures 1.0.4 (also at work)
* NoScript (also on the iBook)
* Resizeable Textarea 0.1b (also at work)
* SessionSaver .2
* Slim Extension List 0.3.1
* udtool 0.6.6 (also on the iBook)
* Urban Dead Homing Beacon 1.0 (also on the iBook)
* User Agent Switcher 0.6.8 (also at work)
* Web Developer 1.0.2 (also at work)
* WebmailCompose 0.6.6
* Yahoo! Mail Notifier 0.9.9

The following extension I currently only have installed on my computer at work, as there wouldn’t really be much point installing it on a non-Windows computer:

* IE View 1.2.7

Of course, in the near future I am going to be trying out many of the extensions that Gordon uses as well. [Download Statusbar][], for example, is looking like a promising replacement for Download Manager Tweak. This is the kind of list that doesn’t stay static for very long.

[download statusbar]:

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