Not Aquamarine

For many years now, periodically I’ve had a very annoying earworm. It’s an [808 State][] song featuring James Dean Bradfieldwho, incidentally, has my least favourite voice in the world singing *”Aquamarine, everything vanishes,”* something something something. A song called *Aquamarine*, obviously.

As you are probably aware, there are two ways to rid yourself of an earworm. The first is to replace it with something even more infectious. This is often counterproductive, as you end up with *Show Me Love* by Robyn S in your head. The second, and usually less stressful way, is to listen to the actual original recording of the earworm itself, and this will usually magickally purge it from your system. It’s a kind of closure.

As a result, the number of times I’ve typed stuff like intitle:"index of" mp3 aquamarine "808 state" into Google is, by now, phenomenal.

Today, while furtling with [Rhythmbox][], I discovered that I had another song by 808 State featuring James Dean Bradfield. *”Well,”* I thought, *”he must have done two songs with them. Aquamarine and this one, Lopez. Wonder what Lopez sounds like.”*

Well, spank my nose and pack me in bubblewrap, you’ll never guess what happened.

Go on. Guess.

[808 state]:

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They’re the same song…?

Either that or you shouted ‘Eureka!’ and jumped out of the bath and ran down… oh, no wait, that was someone else.

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