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Further to a previous post where I asked you to name my new web app, I’ve decided that it’s ready for public release.

I’ll probably tweak the appearance of it at some time in the future, but it’s all up and running now at Valet.

3 replies on “Valet”

It was absolutely perfect. You clearly have a knack for this sort of thing. I was tempted to follow up your comment with “Oooh, that’s IT!” but I decided not to, for fear that it would put other people off from adding their suggestions. Looks like it made absolutely no difference either way.

I’ve added a “click on the link in the email to activate” feature to prevent people from creating lots of bogus accounts. I don’t know why they’d do this, but I felt that it was better to be safe than sorry.

I’ve been working for too long with people who churn out PR and “marketing” bull for a living. I think it’s lead to this nasty habit of “get down to the crux of it, work from there, ignore the bullshit”. So far it seems to be working… (which is more than I am right now, obviously…)

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