Dear Donkey

Dear Donkey – Flirt

> Dear Donkey,

> The girl behind the counter in Specsavers flirted with me. She was quite cute, and wearing a low-cut top.

> This isn’t a question. I just wanted to gloat. Hah.

> Anon

DonkeyDonkey says:

Were my mailbag a little less empty, I’d discard this missive in a trice. In case you’d forgotten, I am incredibly studly, and am approached by foxy young things with sultry come-to-bed eyes on a daily, nay, HOURLY basis. Maybe one of these days I’ll take you out and you can observe the master at work.

Given that you haven’t asked a question, I’m free to offer you whatever advice I choose, without being constrained by being forced to make it pertinent to your request. As a result, I offer you this nugget: get a haircut you idiot.

Anyone else out there who has got problems as big as this fool?

3 replies on “Dear Donkey – Flirt”

Gosh, this particular correspondent looks very familiar. I expect you were wearing your contact lenses, honey. All the girls flirt with you when you do. Because you’re gorgeous.

Well, obviously what with the whole anonymity thing, it’s hard to prove that the correspondent in question WASN’T me. But then it’s hard to prove that the correspondent in question isn’t you either. Or Adrian Sevitz.

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