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Beer Review: Golden Pippin

*Karen’s mum got me 6 bottles of beer for Christmas. I’m going to review them all. If I remember.*

**Beer:** Golden Pippin
**Brewery:** Copper Dragon
**Strength:** 4.2%

Golden Pippin

This is one of those beers that tastes like the bastard offspring of ale and lager. Under the right circumstances these are fantastic, however it’s not 30°C outside right now (it’s more like 30°F) so, to adopt a phrase, it is out of its element.

Still, it’s better than lager ((I think that my attitude towards lager probably deserves a whole post to itself. If you want to engage me in a pitched battle of beer vs lager, then please open fire in the comments)), and it’s better than anything that describes itself as “Extra Smooth” or “Creamflow”.

And so, to the rating. I’m going to keep this simple – 0 means I didn’t enjoy drinking it, 1 means that I enjoyed drinking it, and 2 means that it was something quite special.

Golden Pippin gets: 1 (surprise surprise).