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Beer Review: Golden Pippin

*Karen’s mum got me 6 bottles of beer for Christmas. I’m going to review them all. If I remember.*

**Beer:** Golden Pippin
**Brewery:** Copper Dragon
**Strength:** 4.2%

Golden Pippin

This is one of those beers that tastes like the bastard offspring of ale and lager. Under the right circumstances these are fantastic, however it’s not 30°C outside right now (it’s more like 30°F) so, to adopt a phrase, it is out of its element.

Still, it’s better than lager ((I think that my attitude towards lager probably deserves a whole post to itself. If you want to engage me in a pitched battle of beer vs lager, then please open fire in the comments)), and it’s better than anything that describes itself as “Extra Smooth” or “Creamflow”.

And so, to the rating. I’m going to keep this simple – 0 means I didn’t enjoy drinking it, 1 means that I enjoyed drinking it, and 2 means that it was something quite special.

Golden Pippin gets: 1 (surprise surprise).

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I take the view that there is lager and there is “lager”. The stuff with quote marks is mass-produced by faceless multinationals and owes more flavour to the aluminium tanks it was manufactured in (“brewed” is not an appropriate word) than to any of the ingredients.

The stuff without quote marks, however, is brewed and lagered (lager being a word derived from the German for “to store”, said storage forming part of the brewing process – but I bet you knew that already) on a small scale by knowledgable people who love what they do and treat it as the skilled craft that it is. These days, such things are rare and precious jewels, but they still do exist, particularly outside of the UK (Germany and eastern Europe particularly).

So, don’t damn all lager out of hand. Just the rubbish lager.

So, don’t damn all lager out of hand. Just the rubbish lager.

Fair point, but if I were to say to you “politicians are idiots” would you assume that I was talking about 100% of politicians, or just the vast, overwhelming majority?

eastern Europe

I agree with you here, I’ve had good experiences with Eastern European lagers. They get a pass. I also have an inexplicable soft spot for Brahma. There might be other exceptions, but on the whole, that’s it.

Last night I drank beer #2, which was Black Sheep (it’s the only one that I’ve had before). I realised that owing to the cold I have at present, I couldn’t really taste it, so I’m putting this project on hold for now. I’ll buy another bottle of Black Sheep once I’ve regained my senses.

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