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Wouldn’t it be cool if…

For a while, I’ve been thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if Google Reader could automatically generate a blogroll from my subscription list?” Obviously, I’d want to be able to choose whether each individual subscription appears on the list or not.

Well, it seems like Steve Lacey, a developer at Google, has also wanted this. And so he did it.

It’s currently only available as a JavaScript include, which goes against my usual stance of avoiding using JavaScript for core functionality, but I’m making an exception in this case. Because, for the first time in years (at least four, by my reckoning), I have a public blogroll on my site! And it requires very little additional maintenance on my part ((all I need to remember to do is add the label “blogroll” to new subscriptions that I wish to share)).

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I’ve been thinking the same thing since I started using Greader. I even emailed them about it, pointless an exercise as that is.

Brilliant stuff. Finally I can delete my blogrolling account.

Newsgator / NewtNewsWire has had this feature for a while.

I can flag what to appear on my blog roll too. Really easy, and means what I am reading is really what’s on my blog roll.

This is useful, I keep toying with the idea of re-introducing a blogroll. Also I’ve never really played with Reader’s public/private features. Thanks for mentioning it.

I spotted the phrase “partial feed” next to Hydragenic in your blogroll. I was curious about this, because I thought I’d been providing a full feed for a year or so now.

Anyway, on further investigation, my Atom feed was full and my RSS feed was partial. Also, my “link rel” headers were pointing to the wrong RSS file. Gah. All fixed now.

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