There is no exact right time to start toilet training. 12 months is almost certainly too early, but Karen and I figured that there’s no harm in assembling Bernard’s awesome Seat-A-Kid and plonking it on him every now and then.

This morning, I was changing his nappy, and put him down on it for a few seconds. He looked at me, smiled briefly, and then attempted to dismount.

However, his dismount was clumsy, and the yellow insert (see the picture in the link above) was flipped through the air behind him, spraying a quantity of urine all over the carpet.

“Hooray, I think!” I called, gave him a brief smattering of applause to show my approval, then grabbed a couple of flannels to sop up his little puddle.

This task completed, I rushed through to the bedroom to awake Karen, who was in the middle of a totally pointless nap that would be ten minutes long, at most, as it was nearly breakfast time. I told her the story, and she shared my enthusiasm.

Bernard was excited too. So much so, that he had another wee, and I grabbed three more flannels and a change of clothing.

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And THAT, my love, is exactly the kind of post he’s going to stare at you sullenly for in 13 years time.

He’ll love it in 22 years time, of course…

He’ll be at least 19 years old before he takes enough interest in this site to go back through the archives. It’s all fine.

AaaaAll fine.

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