Best Doctor Who episode ever. I was so scared.

But what happens if the light in the basement goes out?

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That’s what I said ! (about the light in the basement; best ep probably still goes to Empty Child/Doctor Dances ; just)

And then the kids had nightmares and had to keep the lights on all night.
Of course, next morning it was all running round with hands over eyes and stuff 🙂

QE: Very rarely are episodes as good as that. If you start watching it regularly on the basis of last night’s episode, you might be disappointed.

Paul: Welcome to my site. *The Empty Child* was a good episode, but didn’t drop my jaw like *Blink* did. I left the light out last night, and did have some difficulty getting to sleep, I must confess.

Coming back to bed after resettling the baby is currently a terrifying experience. I can’t wait until I have forgotten those statues’ faces.

I watched it again (without children asking many questions about time travel and other stuff) and I could quite possibly be turned into the possibility that this is the best one yet. Or maybe Girl in the Fireplace. Hang on, these are all Moffets. I loved Press Gang too.

We had a scared child this morning as the bathroom light went and flash on and off for a bit. I’m not sure I’ll let them watch it again for about 5 years (they still haven’t watched about 5 eps as I have censored them)

Which episodes have you censored?

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but if you go to the BBC’s Doctor Who sub-site, you can obtain a fear rating for the forthcoming episode. It’s a very rough guideline, but anything that scores 5 or more is almost certainly going to make your kids brick themselves.

Let’s see from memory

Empty Child/Doctor Dances – those gas mask! (he’d probably be okay with this now) – Actually the whole of the first season I watched the ep live and we watched together the next morning.

Tooth and Claw – scary were-wolves ahoy!
Impossible Planet/Satan’s Pit – the devil ahoy!

Human Nature/Family of Blood – scary scarecrows but actually we were away on holiday and missed both eps

I knew about Fear Factor but totally forgot about it this series. I note that Blink got a 5.5 out of 5! I feel a bit bad now and sure they were scared a bit
but then again they really liked it and have not had nightmares about it.

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