Clock Enumeration

clockFrom the bottom of the house to the top. No, let’s do it the other way.

* Bedroom
* Karen’s computer (self-adjusting)
* Stereo (I think)
* CD/radio alarm clock
* The watch that I use from day to day
* The watch that I don’t use from day to day
* Karen’s watch
* Music room
* My computer (self-adjusting)
* The bluey-grey clock
* My camera
* Kitchen
* Microwave
* Another bluey-grey clock
* The boiler
* Dining room
* The iBook (self-adjusting)
* Front room
* DVD recorder
* My mobile phone
* Karen’s mobile phone (self-adjusting?)
* The television might have a clock in it, but it is of no consequence.
* The car
* Stereo (self-adjusting)
* Dashboard clock

Some of these I have remembered to adjust the clock on. Some, I have not. Yet.

Inspiration came from the direction in which lies [Rob][].


5 replies on “Clock Enumeration”

If the VCR’s set up right ( and less than about five years old) that should be self-adjusting too, taking its cue from the Teletext time signal…

I think that it’s about 2 years old, but evidently it’s not set up correctly because I had to adjust it manually on Sunday evening. I’ll have a look at the manual this evening.

I managed to extract the identity of the missing clock from Karen last night. It was her iPod.

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