Holiday Photos

A selection of photos from my holiday in Prague

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square, from the bottom end, by the museum. Our hotel was about ten minutes walk from here. I remember standing with Karen in a furious downpour, debating whether to go back to the hotel for an umbrella.

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square.

Old Town Square

This is the Church of Our Fantastic Lady of Tyn, or something like that.

Tube Station

In Prague, the walls of the subway stations aren’t lined with adverts, which is most refreshing.


The ossuary at Kutna Hora. This is actually the least blurry of all the photos I took in there. It won’t surprise you to learn that it wasn’t well illuminated.


Due to the unavailability of a tripod, I placed the camera on a stone pillar to take this. And due to the sloping nature of the stone pillar, and the need to position the camera such that it wouldn’t tumble off the pillar, there is rather a lot of stone pillar in this photo. Let this be a lesson.


The castle, across the river.


Flying back over London.

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