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While weeding the garden, I discovered a nest of snails. I violated their lair to use them for my own amusement.


I lured this guy out with a leaf.


I had to clean the table afterwards.


I tried to mate these two. They seemed interested in eachother, but no hardcore ensued.

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nice pictures. they’re like really crystal clear and everything.

ok gosh this person next to me says he likes cows…and snails i guess… :/

Thanks. It was a very sunny day, which helped with focussing, and it meant that I could use an absurdly high shutter speed.

I’ll try to get some cow photos up for your friend.

oh hahaha. thanks! i do like cows too, but just not as much as snails. they’re so slimy, and sometimes can be huge and all. have you ever seen a tiny tiny one in like a river or something?

im doing a report on snails, why they have goo and everything. my teacher asked me if they um…pooped? and what they ate and how it got its name. she just had to ask ALL the questions that i couldnt fine the answers too.

thanks anyways,

cala. (callie…)

I had a look and I don’t have any decent cow photos, I’m afraid. Maybe it’s time I went out and took some cow photos, eh?

I don’t know much about the biology of snails, but wikipedia might be a good place to start. I have it on good authority that Wikipedia is 100% reliable on such subjects. If your teacher disputes this, she’s clearly thick.

I have seen small water snails before, yes.

ok well, maybe i should. my brother has an awsome camera. maybe i can get some. ill put them on a website then show you?

well, for science class we need to make a production. i chose snails, and so i went to websites (this keyboard is sticky…) for pics. but i already got some good ones, thanks anyways!

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