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Media Ogre

I mentioned this song last week. Though previously described as “quite good”, I have revised my opinion of it to somewhere between “adequate” and “mediocre”, hence the name for the song.

(mp3 no longer online – email me if you are interested)

It is a kind of admission of defeat. For many years I’ve dreamt of record contracts, world tours and half hour music shows on the BBC that are startlingly uncompulsive viewing.

But now I realise that my chance has passed. If something was going to happen, it would be happening by now. In 19 days it will have been one year since the last gig my band played in. Though there is talk of getting together to record a few songs (yes, you will hear them here first) in the near future, it’s plain that none of us have the ambition, commitment, or brass bollocks to give up everything and pursue this dream. Which is a slight shame, because it would have been a nice way to spend my time, in front of an adoring audience instead of a computer. Still, you can’t change the way that you are.

Usual disclaimer applies. You know, the one about being out of practise at… everything. Please redistribute, but don’t rip it off and get to number one with it, or I will have to sue you.

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Ha! This is my favourite. And I know that sentiment soooooooo well.

Fwiw, I think you are rather good. And I’m only just your friend. And I didn’t like the Sliding one. So there.

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