The Beast of the Bridge

Walking home from the gym after sunset fills me with fear, for I know that I will encounter The Beast of the Bridge.

The Beast only comes out at night, when it lurks by the pavement, waiting for weary unsuspecting travellers to pass by. It moves fast in the half-light, so reports of its appearance vary wildly. However, one thing we do know is that it may look a lot like a sparrow-sized dragon.

It has eight wings and red eyes, and teeth the size and shape of a corkscrew. Fresh blood drips from the tips of its sharp talons as it circles threateningly around your head. It will fly within a foot of your face, reducing you to a crumbling mass, quaking before its majestic ominosity.

And then, with the beat of one of its wings against your face, it will skim your neck, causing your hairs to rise up on end and your pulse to quicken to a Happy Hardcore tempo.

Then it is gone. And you, weary traveller, will not sleep well tonight.

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