Brain dance

Sidekick and I were in the supermarket, buying supplies. The checkout girl wanted £4.05, so I gave her my five pound note which was in Sidekick’s hand at the time.

Sidekick then said “I may have 5p in here,” and started probing in his pocket. It’s a standard politeness thing to do, and it is also really funny when they then type in £5.05 into the machine to make sure that they don’t accidentally give you the wrong amount of change.

On the word “here”, my brain departed off on a whistle stop tour of the galaxy, swooping in arcs around planets and stars, skipping across dust clouds and asteroid belts, dancing around moons and suns and shooting majestically off across big black voids with pinpoints of distant stars twinkling all around me, before coming in to land at checkout 4, as the word “No!” erupted from my mouth like a slow-motion scene in a movie.

Sidekick just looked at me with pity.

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