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Beer Review: Pickled Partridge

*Karen’s mum got me 6 bottles of beer for Christmas. I’m going to review them all. If I remember.*

**Beer:** Pickled Partridge
**Brewery:** Badger (Hall and Woodhouse)
**Strength:** 4.5%

Pickled Partridge

As the first drops of this hit my tongue, it showed great malty promise. But sadly it was plagued with a very strong aftertaste which I found quite unpleasant. I’d describe this aftertaste as fizzy and acidic.

Further research (reading the label on the bottle and the website blurb) suggests that this beer is intended as an accompaniment to strong cheese or Christmas Pudding. So basically, the reason why I didn’t enjoy it is that I’m drinking it wrong. I’m not convinced.

Pickled Partridge gets: 0