Maisy’s catflap strategy

Maisy has a infra-red catflap. When we first got it, she was terrified of it – each time she approached it, there’d be a tiny click as the mechanism unlocked, and she’d run a mile. Eventually she settled down, and things were good for a while.

Then there were a few hitches. Firstly, she lost her collar one day, necessitating the purchase of a replacement key ((as seen here and here)). Secondly, the keys wouldn’t always work, which led to many, many battery changes to try and find the source of the problem. By the time she lost her collar for the second time, she’d already figured out a way to bypass the lock on the catflap. So now we let her roam the neighbourhood *sans* collar ((though she is microchipped, I hasten to add)).

So may I introduce to you: the Maisy Method.

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