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Beer Review: Black Sheep

*Karen’s mum got me 6 bottles of beer for Christmas. I’m going to review them all. If I remember.*

Now that my sense of smell has returned, I am going to resume this little project. I had a bottle of Black Sheep last week but realised halfway through my first mouthful that I couldn’t taste it, so I’ve bought another.

**Beer:** Black Sheep
**Brewery:** Black Sheep
**Strength:** 4.4%

Black Sheep

Ah, this takes me back. I remember when I first discovered Black Sheep, when I was at University. My flatmate Matt and I consumed gallons of this stuff. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that this is what got me into real ale, my previous preference of beer generally being “Creamflow” type bollocks. Black Sheep made me realise how misguided I was.

It’s a very drinkable ale – fruity, but not too fruity; flavoursome, but not pungent – and just all-round solid, dependable stuff. For me, the label has always stood out on the shelf and filled me with good memories. It does not taste like sheep.

Black Sheep gets: 2

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