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Maisy under a blanket

Maisy under a blanket

Maisy has some very cat-like traits (well, she is a cat, after all) but sometimes she surprises us. For instance, I thought that cats hated it when you tried to put a blanket over them. Maisy, however, loves it. In fact, the other week I was sat on the sofa watching TV with a blanket over me for warmth. Maisy climbed into the space beneath my armpit and sat there in the dark until Karen came home.

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All the cats my parents had would crawl right down into their bed, under the covers.

Our Psycho Cat, however, hates it – the only time he’s gone under the covers was just after being heavily trimmed earlier this year, and that was definitely for warmth. Once the fur regrew, he’s back to being on top of the duvet again.

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