handlebars from my perspective

My handlebars remind me of batman’s utility belt, so I thought I’d post a photo. From left to right:

1. Grip shift to control the front gears
2. Cycle computer. Battery has run out, and the mounting bracket is broken, so I think this one might be removed soon.
3. My new horn. I had a bell once, but Karen needed it more than me, so I donated it to her.
4. Headlight. It’s a Nite Rider UltraFazer 3.0. Despite the name, it’s fairly good. Takes 2xAA batteries.
5. Behind the front post is my Topeak top tube bag for carrying my wallet, phone, keys and multi-tool. It’s got a nifty yellow lining.
6. Cheap headlight from Argos. Takes 2xAAA batteries. I use it on its flashing mode to be seen.
7. Another Nite Rider UltraFazer 3.0 – when it’s completely pitch black, one isn’t enough.
8. Simple friction lever for the rear gears. I used to have a grip shift, but it broke, and I don’t like grip shifts anyway, so I replaced it with this.

handlebars from an oncomer's perspective

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