Another gem from our local Freecycle group

> My kids desperately need a Working dishwasher, as they are fed up being the manual alternative.
> And I must admit I fed up with yelling at them, when all I get back is I’ll do them later.

“Kids, do the washing up.”


“I said do the washing up!”

“No. Buy us a dishwasher.”

“Yes, master.”

“And we’re bored of tidying our rooms. Build a robot to do it for us.”

“Yes, master.”

“My books seem to be scattered all over the sitting room floor.”

“I shall hire a cleaner, my liege.”

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Yes, I noticed this one too. I thought about advertising for a dishwasher as well, but obviously I would also have to ask for a larger kitchen to put it in. I wonder if anyone has a kitchen that they don’t want.

But then we’d have two kitchens, so we’d have to ask for a larger house to put them in. I wonder if anyone has a house that they don’t want.

(back over to you)

Um… but then we might live further from the childminder and the train station, so we would need another car. Preferably something sporty.

I wonder if anyone has a sportscar they don’t want.

I think I might have more success if I asked on freecycle for a spare husband. Should fit into my existing kitchen and can be trained to do the washing up.

Could be other fringe benefits too! 😉

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