Music Gear

He brought his dog too

As I mentioned a while ago, I was considering selling my big bass stack. I decided to go ahead, and the buyer came to collect it this evening. He arrived just after 8pm, and I let him in to look at the rig. I plugged it in so that he could verify that it was all in working order, though obviously he couldn’t turn it up very loud because my son was being put to sleep upstairs. He gave me the money in £20 notes, which was perfect (one of my concerns had been that he’d try to pay me in mixed denominations).

“Might have to take it in two trips” he said.

“What kind of car have you brought?” I asked.

“Nissan Micra” he said.

“Ah” I replied.

Not only had he come round in a Nissan Micra, but he’d also brought his ladyfriend. I also discovered, as we took the first cab out to the street, that his chihuahua had come along too. He’d also brought his bass along, and the floor of his boot was scattered with cassette tapes and batteries (to which I remarked words to the effect of “uh, do you want to tidy this up, or should I just crush it with this 80lb cabinet?) The most startling thing of all was that it fit in the car. A snug fit, admittedly, but I was still impressed. The boot closed and everything.

I just hope that he drove home gently. A severe bump could have pushed one of those cabinets through his read windscreen.

An era ends.