Holiday Photos

A series of photos from my holiday in Devon


When we arrived on Friday, it was cold and wet and miserable. The rain had brought all the snails out onto the path, and I managed to accidentally kill a few million of them in the dark. We went out onto the beach in our coats.


By Saturday, things were starting to improve. Karen had a nap in the afternoon while I took Bernard and my mum to the aquarium at Plymouth. Bernard wanted to see the ray fish, but the ray fish weren’t sufficiently illuminated for a decent photo.


On Sunday, it was insanely hot and we were all sunburned by lunchtime. We took a walk. Here’s the Great Mew Stone.


Here’s another photo from our walk.


Here’s another photo from our walk. It wasn’t a particularly long walk, when all is said and done, but it was not entirely unchallenging. Firstly, we pushed a sleeping toddler’s pushchair up a narrow, rocky, steep path. Then we pushed it along a grassy clifftop, aware that if I blinked out of existence for any reason, he’d probably trundle over the edge to his doom. Then we lifted it over a few stiles. After about a mile and a half of this, we boarded a small ferry across the river Yealm. On the other side, we trundled to a pub for lunch. And then we did it all in reverse (though this time, the toddler was awake, and travelling under his own steam).


This photo shows you how close the cottage is to the beach. This is a great view to take breakfast to. Bernard enjoys watching the canoes (man-boat) and ferries (big white boat).


On Monday we rode on a steam train. Bernard loves trains. No further explanation required.


On Tuesday we went back to the Eden Project. We went last summer, and bought a years membership (it costs the same as a single ticket) so this visit was free. Quite a hot day, and I had a delicious blackcurrant ice cream. Going into the tropical biome was a *bad* idea.

I didn’t take any photos on Wednesday and Thursday. The sun was retreating, and I didn’t have the urge to take my camera out with me. So there are no photos of the things that we did those days.

Karen has lots of photos from this holiday too. Since October, we’ve tended to share the same camera (Nikon D40) which means that whenever we get back from a holiday or a day trip, I always have to go through the photos figuring out who took which ones, and then move all of Karen’s onto her computer. It would be so much simpler if we bought a second DSLR.

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