As I may have mentioned before, my wife likes to go to bed at about 10pm. For the most part, I am happy to stay up a bit later.

Recently, I have been finding that one of the following things happens:

1. At 10pm, she goes to bed. I’m tired too, so I go to bed as well.
2. At 10pm, she goes to bed. I can’t think of anything important that needs doing, so I figure that I might as well get a bit of extra sleep too.
3. At 10pm, she goes to bed. I’m not ready to go to bed yet, so I kill a bit of time before going to bed at 11pm. Last night, for instance, I fiddled about with the oven timer and then played Gran Turismo 3 for half an hour.
4. At 10pm, she goes to bed. I fancy watching a film, so I do that, and join her at midnight.

I remember how I used to have all sorts of interesting projects on the go, and would beaver away industriously until midnight or 1am, before finally, reluctantly, retiring to bed. But I don’t seem to have any such project happening right now. Also, whereas once I would happily spod for hours, I no longer gain pleasure from twiddling my e-thumbs. Which is why I find myself at 10pm with no appealing options, other than “get some sleep”.

I’m old, boring, and curmudgeonly.

A curmudgeon with an Oxford comma, mind.

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