How To Leave Pipex: Part 5

The refund did eventually materialise, and it only took five weeks. It felt like longer, but I suppose that’s because I live in an ideal world where such a simple task (type in an account ID, verify that you owe them money, click a button to create a transaction of the specified amount) should take five minutes at most.

Maybe they read this website.

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Hi just for the record. I have left Pipex and did so correctly according to their terms and conditions. Gave them 30 days notice, specified the date etc, and faxed as per their terms and conditions to the number as stated. I requested a repayment as they they owed me money back, plus a vat credit note. Nothing… Nada… no response. 4 months later, after I cancelled the DD they try and take a full years charges from my account. Ha Ha, it did not work. So.. They start sending me reminders, and I phone/email customer services and say I cancelled my subscription back 4 months ago. Nah, sorry we did not see any such request. I can prove it, I have the fax report with time and date. I then start receiving calls at all times of day from their credit department saying I owe them money pay up or they will take me to court. I tell them, no, you owe me money.
So I launch a small claims court action against them to stop the harassment, and get my money back. Guess what… They purport to do the same by sending me a harassing letter and claim I owe them a full year. So I ring their solicitors and tell them there is a small claims action against Pipex, and if they keep harassing me I will be claiming costs etc.
And so as it stands I will be appearing in person at the small claims court with Pipex’s solicitors.

Watch this space…

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