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How To Leave Pipex: Part 3

Your changeover date will arrive. You can monitor the progress of your order using your new ISP’s “Order Status” page, and they will probably also email you when the migration is complete. Oh, and your Pipex connection will stop working.

At this point, enter your new connection details into your router’s setup page, and watch in wonder as Internet connectivity returns! Joy!

Now cancel your Pipex Direct Debit. Barring any mishaps, our work here is done.

*Continues here.*

*Part 1, Part 2.*

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Depending who you’re migrating to your old connection may remain live even when your new connection claims to be ready. I must admit I don’t understand exactly when it’s the case, but suffice to say that some of the possible ways of providing ADSL on BT’s network do _not_ make ISPs mutually exclusive; you won’t lose the old connection until they take your login details off their authentication servers.
However, sometimes the old connection remaining available is a sign that the new connection isn’t ready, despite what the new ISP may be telling you. Keep the details for the old connection in a safe place until you’re sure the new connection is live.

Nice guide, Pete: it’s really good to have this stuff clearly spelt out for people who might be worried about doing it.

Yes, QE, I had heard that there could be some overlap, and I mentioned it in the previous instalment of the series. Thanks for the compliment – I wanted to demonstrate just how simple it is, so that people who are dithering would be encourage to take the plunge.

D: I’m hoping that my download speeds will go through the roof too.

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