Where you have a choice of toilet cubicles to enter, it would be handy if there was a LED-based panel on each door to let you know what kind of fragrance exists within.

For example, a green panel would indicate that the air inside is neutral, breathable, and basically bearable. If any green panels are visible, then go for one of those.

A yellow panel would indicate that the previous occupant’s aura still exists within this room, and it’s a rather eggy aura.

Blue would be used to indicate that the air inside is somewhat chemical. This could either be due to the previous occupant’s liberal use of air freshener, or the cleaning lady’s liberal use of terrifyingly-coloured cleaning products.

If the panel is displaying a brown colour, this means that the system’s chemical analysis has determined that there is a very high probability that the bowl contains a floater.

A red panel indicates that using this room or cubicle will be a highly unpleasant experience. It is not recommended that you enter this room, unless your only alternatives are…

Certain death.

Cycling to work: update

A couple of weeks back, I started to write a blog post, but I got distracted by something terribly important, and so it has been lounging in draft. It said:

> I have now been cycling to work for six weeks. And it’s awesome. I enjoy it, I feel fitter, I feel happier, it’s all good.

> But winter is coming, and I’m starting to think that it might be time to pack the bike away for a few months. It’s getting cold and dark, and wet and windy can’t be far behind. I’m not equipped for such conditions.

This evening, I discovered that dark and wet don’t go well together when you are wearing spectacles. Whereas the path is usually crisply illuminated by my pair of bike headlights, today the droplets of water on my glasses reduced everything to a blurry melange, and often I couldn’t tell where the edges of the path were.

To be honest, I’ve achieved my goal of reaching November. Anything else is a bonus. But the longer I can keep riding, the better, because there’s no denying that the regular exercise is doing me good.