Have you ever read the plot synopsis to a horror movie and thought to yourself “that sounds like possibly the most disturbing thing imaginable?”

And do you then find yourself wondering whether to watch the movie or not? On the one hand, a part of you wants to watch the movie, because that kind of terror can be quite exhilarating, in a way. You want to test yourself, not to see how much of a man you are, but to see how capable you are of understanding that it’s all make-believe. But then the rational part of your brain says “Hold on, once you’ve watched that film, you’re going to have a hard time thrashing the image out of your brain. Heck, it’s making you feel queasy just imagining it in your mind’s eye. Surely this is a no-brainer?”

What would you do?

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Well, the synopsis of “Audition” is something like “The Korean version of Tootsie” which doesn’t exactly prepare you for the shit-scary and nightmare-inducing torture scene.

Synopses rarely give the full picture, in my opinion. In the case of your question, I’d probably think to myself “it can’t possibly be that bad” and watch it.

Might as well tell you. Freakshow (2007)

**DISCLAIMER: Reader, it’s your own lookout if you decide to research more about this film. I’ve already told you that it strikes me as possibly the most disturbing thing imaginable. Don’t come crying to me if the synopsis gives you nightmares.**

Sorry yes, wrong film entirely. Ôdishon is fucking fucked. “That” scene is pretty much the only thing I remember about the film though.

I don’t really want to see the film you’re talking about. It sounds… not nice.

Curious. I’ve seen Freaks which was bizarre but quite excellent. This sounds like the story with modern special effects (for the denouement) and less artistic merit.

I’d watch it.

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