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Top 5 leisure activities

*This is a companion piece to a similarly-themed article on Karen’s site which, all things being equal, should be published at roughly the same time. We have not read each others entries before publishing, and have taken care not to discuss them.*

*Title suggested by Rach.*


At long last, I have found an enjoyable way of getting regular exercise. Going to the gym is dull as dishwater. Karen and I used to play Squash, but haven’t done so since halfway through her pregnancy (though we are going on holiday at the end of the week, and have a Squash court booked). My fitness is returning, and it’s having a major positive impact upon my overall mood.

Taking photos

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “photographer”, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have recently acquired my first DSLR (a Nikon D40) and am enjoying learning about shutter speeds, aperture, and all that guff.

Playing with Bernard



Followed by a bout of wrestling. It’s awesome.

Drinking beer

I like beer. Not in huge quantities, nor on my own in the evenings, but its deliciousness can not be denied.

Eating pie

I like pie. In huge quantities, and on my own in the evenings.

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