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Everyone’s Got Piles

More than seven months ago, I claimed to be feeling the distant aroma of inspiration. Well, what happened? I uploaded one song, then wrote a couple of others for another project, and then somehow found myself in a five-month slump. A number of factors have been responsible: the desire to live in a clean, tidy, well-maintained house; lots going on at work, leaving me ‘xhausted at the end of the day; spending time with the fambly.

But then I started to fear for my creativity, which is blatantly atrophying, so on one Sunday morning a month ago, I pushed myself to record this song that I’d been developing over the previous couple of weeks. I came to the realisation that all this sitting around in front of a computer is going to catch up with me soon, and if I don’t start taking better care of myself, I’m going to hit 30 and have the body of a 40 year old. The only option that I can see is to find time in my schedule for regular exercise, but as I am no longer a person with ample spare time, that will mean sacrifices elsewhere.

Anyway, enough mithering, here’s the song, and I think that it’s a cracker. It features an extra uber mega special guest on piano and backing vocals, Nathan, who was absolutely honoured to work on this prestigious project, I’m sure. He added his contribution yesterday afternoon, and we can finally consider the song to be finished.

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