Head Wound


While working on the fence around the back of the house, I turned around and banged my head against an overhanging rose.

“Oh dear,” I thought to myself, as the thorn withdrew wetly from the new hole in my head, and blood started trickling down from my hairline.

I grabbed my spade (hey, it’s been in my family for generations ((3 in total, if you include my son)), I wasn’t going to leave it behind) and made straight for the house, trying to staunch the flow without being exactly sure where the puncture wound was. All the while, blood dripping down onto my spectacles, giving me a nice grisly *noir* camera effect on the world.

Once inside, I made my way up to the bathroom, trying not to make a mess of the carpet. There, I leaned over the sink, and gently called Karen’s name to wake her from her slumber.

I’m okay now. She’s making me a cup of tea.

Oh, by the way, this happened about ten minutes ago. It was so exciting, I felt that I just had to share.

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Your little splat is perfect…almost artistic. I think it would be lovely if you framed it in a double mat, white and burgundy with a goldish frame.

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