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I love pens.

I’m pretty big on the whole paper thing too, but it’s the pens that really make me spooge my pants.

The pen thing really kicked into gear when I was at University. I developed a system from quite early on that I maintained throughout the entirety of my Maths degree, and I still have my notes to prove it.

I would purchase, from the University stationery shop, a small number of blue Pilot G-1 0.7mm gel pens, a small number of red Pilot G-1 0.7mm gel pens, and a large quantity of black Pilot G-1 0.5mm gel pens. I used the red pens to write headings. I used the blue pens to write statements of theorems, corollaries, lemmas &c. I used the black pens (with the finer tip) to write the proofs of the aforementioned, and any further miscellaneous notes.

The end result was sheer brilliance. The notes were about as beautiful as you could get without going the whole hog and typesetting them.

I still have, in my pencil pot, one blue Pilot G-1 0.7mm gel pen, one red Pilot G-1 0.7mm gel pen, and one Pilot G-1 0.5mm gel pen. These are the last pens that I ever wrote with at University, and have not been used since then. Maybe they don’t work any more, but there’s not much ink left in them so I don’t feel that I’ve been unforgiveably wasteful.

Since then? Well, I’ve tried numerous other pens, but I’ve kept coming back to the black Pilot G-1 0.5mm. I bought a box of 12 back in 2002, which is nearly empty (yes, 5 years is a long time, but I’ve been using other pens in the meantime as well, you fool). But there is a tragic twist to our tale – obtaining Pilot G-1 0.5mm gel pens is not as easy as it once was, and I am having to deal with the sad fact that once this box is finished, it may no longer be practical to buy more. I’ve already invested a lot of hours into trying to find these pens at a reasonable price, but to no avail, and I think it’s time to cut my losses.

What kind of person gets so worked up over a pen? Sad loser types like me, that’s what.

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I have searched the pages from my wholesale suppliers thinking “ha, I’ll find these pens for then he will be in my debt again”.

Bugger. Can’t find ’em.

I’ve always been one to extol the virtues of a good pen, and have reformed the stationary buying here in work from crappy Bics and the like to these lovely IMPEGA 0.5 liquid ink rollers. They write so smoothly that, yes, I think I’ve just come.

I can’t find them online either though.

Am I missing something, or are these pens different from these?

I’m not so much of a pen geek – being left handed means they don’t work as well – but I do like my Pentel P205 0.5mm propelling pencil 🙂

I love the disposable fountain pens too. I would be very happy to own some of those again. Not that I need more pens, or approve of disposability either, for that matter.

Pete’s G-5s arrived yesterday and he did nearly wet himself.

Okay, I have to apologise very humbly. I have now looked at Cult Pens and not only do I want to work there for the rest of my life, but LOOK! JUST LOOK! oh wow.

The pilot disposable fountain pen is available in seven (7) different colours. In one pack.

wow. i too have a passion for the pilot G-1 0.5 pens and found this website through trying to find a shop that sells them as they got me through my GCSEs and AS-Levels and i just love the way they wirte and desperately need some as they’re starting to run dry :'(

Hi Katrina.

I can recommend Cult Pens, without reservation. The price of the 12 pack does seem to have shot up from £9.99 to £13.35 since March 2007, but so it goes. The Super Gel is much cheaper, and probably writes just as well.

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