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Cheese? Grate!


In my opinion, the basis of a strong relationship is not sharing each chore out 50-50, but rather efficient division of labour. There are some tasks which I hate doing, so she generally takes charge of them, in return for which I am always willing to step in to do the hoovering and the grating of cheese.

I love grating cheese. Partly for the task itself, partly because I like having a handful of grated cheese at the end of it (sneaking a few delicious flakes for myself, of course), and partly because the aesthetic value of a half-grated brick of cheese is, quite frankly, so awesome that I’m going to have to invent a new word for it.

It’s incredibly vulva.

What? Whadya mean, that word’s already taken?

Shove off.

5 replies on “Cheese? Grate!”

I’m totally with you on this one alright. Parmesan is a particular favourite, especially when I’m feeling indulgent and instead of grating it finely, grate it into huge shards using the “normal” sized grating on the err… grater.

Very vulva. Very, very vulva indeed.

I dont like the word vulva being used in this context. How will I ever look at cheese the same way? Tell me?! Huh?!

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