Taes of the evening

1. On the tube, it seems that a couple of Indian guys to my left were
in an argumetn with the guy across fromme, because he had been winking
at them and they didn’t like it? I caught his eye, and gave him a
wink. He turned to the Indians and made a noiser, which instantly
meant that I was now a part of this conflictg. “Are you taking th
piss?” they said. “No, no, nononon” we said. As I left the train, I
gave hima nod “Cheerio”

2. OPn the train home, a drunken girl onthe phone to maybe her best
friend, mnaybe her ex-borfyfiened. Seems that the two had formed an
item, and she was furious. F words flying left rihgtn and centre.
Tragic to listen to. Meanwhile, I was worried that I waso nthe wrong
train home, nbecause th stqation names sounded like I was heading for
Woking,. I was worried that Karen would have to come and pick me up in
the car at an ungodhly hour. It all turned outnicely.

3. OI wanted a wee so badly. Bladder full to the brim.At Twickenham,
we were delayed. The light was red, and until it went green we would
be stranded, so I lef the train and had a wee behindf a billboard. The
whilslet went, and I ran back to the cariiage. It helped for a while,
but soon enough it was full again. At Staine sor thereabouts, the
train stopped. I jumped ouat and aske dth econductor if I could wee.He
said yes so I did.,

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