Bedroom Antics

Finally, we have managed to get round to “sorting out” our bedroom in the new house.

The rest of the house has been reasonably simple to furnish, but the master bedroom kept getting bumped back for two reasons.

Firstly, Ikea let me down in a big way. They allowed me to order a mattress, pay for it, and wait for half an hour at the warehouse round the corner before finally deciding that it was out of stock. Subsequently I went home without a mattress. There didn’t seem to be any point in assembling our new Leksvik bedframe until we had a mattress, so the boxes remained in the garage for a while.

> Ikea, you are bastards,
> Spreading agony and crises,
> But I continue to buy your wares,
> ‘Cos I’m a sucker for your prices.

Secondly, my sister’s boyfriend said that he could get us a couple of nice wardrobes for free. We held out for those for a while, but at the weekend we decided that they probably weren’t going to materialise, and so we’ve bought our own.

> You promised us a wardrobe,
> Heck, you promised we’d get two!
> But did they turn up? Did they, boat.
> I’m slightly miffed with you.

And that’s why our bedroom will soon be “sorted out”. Just as soon as I build all the furniture. And then, I’m hoping that everything will tumble into place, as suitcases full of clothes can finally be unpacked and awesomeness is restored.

> At last! The dining table
> Can be used for taking supper.
> Well, it will be, when we buy some chairs.
> Off to Ikea again. Bugger.

*Yes, that’s all original poetry. Aren’t I bloody great?*

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