A Drama Unfolding

*Continuing from [here][]*

> Here mate tell shaggy tht tht guy he called just called me back. Lol. He wasnt to happy. Dont think its gonna work mate. He didnt know who shaggy was.

I suppose it was inevitable that Charles would text me again. I’m now pondering my next step. I think that it’s time that Adam replied. I reckon this:

> Hi Charles I have a confession to make. I slept with your mum. Lol.


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The “here” link leads to a page that says nothing matches my criteria. I know nothing matches my criteria, I was just hoping to read the first part of the story.

It doesn’t work for me either. The suspense, the suspense! (or, since it’s the first part of the story that’s missing, is that the opposite of suspense? what is the opposite of suspense?)

When I checked the front page it was just this post and How To Obtain A Banker’s Draft. Whatever Pete did, it sideswiped us mere mortals.

Indeed, D tells no lies.

Somehow the post entitled “Wrong Number Perhps Lol” had been set to **Private**. Which meant that I could see it (because I was logged in) but nobody else could.

It makes one wonder what else is set to private…

Quick, someone hack the site and retrieve his plans for global domination before he dooms us all!

I want to see what the pirate text does to pre-pirated text;

“Here mate tell shaggy tht tht lubber he called just called me back, to be sure. Lol, avast. The ornery cuss wasnt t’ happy. Dont think its gonna work mate. The ornery cuss didnt know who shaggy were bein’.”

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