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The effect of tiredness

Lack of sleep is having a noticeable effect upon [Karen][]. Allow me to illustrate using an example.


Today, I came home from work at lunchtime, as usual, to prepare a small meal, hang out the laundry, usual kind of stuff. The fridge was full of coleslaw, potato salad, and other similar items, so I made up a couple of platefuls and brought them back through to the sitting room, where Karen was sat, giving Bernard his milky nourishment.

I set down the plate in front of Karen and the change that took place in her face was remarkable. At first, her eyeballs glistened slightly. Then I noticed her chin start to quiver. Her skin reddened, and pretty soon there were tears streaming down her cheeks and wails were emanating from her mouth.

What’s up, sweetheart?

*(sob) There’s too much of it! (sob)*

This was the first time that I’d known someone cry because I’d given them too much lunch. As I wrapped my arms round Karen to comfort her, I was simultaneously crying along with her and laughing at this completely unforeseen situation.

She doesn’t know that I’m posting this. I hope that one day she’ll be able to look back on this and laugh.

In other news, my venus flytrap is currently digesting flies in *six separate traps!* This is a record, and I’m pleased that he’s getting the nutrition that he needs. I couldn’t fit all six traps in one photo, so I’ve taken two.

Snappy Meal (1 of 2) Snappy Meal (2 of 2)

8 replies on “The effect of tiredness”

Awww. I’m sure she WILL look back at this (er.. again) laugh and then punch you in the knees (what a great phrase, those pickard sisters know how to churn them out!).

Although you’ll have to explain something to me… what’s too MUCH lunch? Does not compute!

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