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He, Too, Devours Particles

I’ve thrown together another little song for you to download and listen to.

Please note that this is not my usual singing voice. I’m not even sure what my usual singing voice **is** anymore.

Listen at

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Been puzzling over who the voice reminds me of. First I said Johnny Cash, then I said (innocently, though I admit it sounds rather cruel) Robbie Williams doing a Johnny Cash impression. I’ve just nailed it though.

Have you heard of Paul Haig? He was in Josef K and then had a solo career. He did some work with Billy Mackenzie, which is where I came across him. Check out the MP3 preview of the track Listen To Me (which, incidentally, is great in its own right) on the One Little Indian site:\_info.php?products\_id=439

Excuse the third comment, but I’ve listened to this over twenty times now so I have some kind of tenuous sense of entitlement. When you crank up the voice towards the middle, I’m also getting a hint of Andrew Eldrich of Sisters Of Mercy.

I’m certain that you’re as fascinated by these comparisons as I am, so will keep you up to date.

Oooh yes, I like. I like the take on the original song, and I love the Tom Waits growl. Although it isn’t Tom Waits that it’s most like, and I can’t think of who I’m reminded of, either.

Love the title of the post, too.

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