Dear Donkey

Dear Donkey – Noel Edmonds? FFS.

> Dear Donkey,

> After the recent success of *[Deal or no Deal][]*, do you think Noel Edmonds will make it back onto primetime TV?

> Anon

[deal or no deal]:

**DonkeyDonkey says:**

I recognise you. It’s been a long time since I was sat in this particular seat, typing at this particular keyboard, but something about you seems familiar. And if you are who I think you are, and I think you are because I recognise your email address, then I have to say this: you’ve let yourself go a bit, haven’t you?

I mean, what’s this *Deal or No Deal?*

Rhetorical question – I’m not incapable of searching Wikipedia – but you’re watching shows that I haven’t even heard of. That either means that you’re cooler than me by a factor of a million, or dumber than me by a factor of a million. We can rule out the first using the Laws of Physics, and we can deduce that the latter is highly likely using the Laws of Noel Edmonds.

I’d answer your question, but my bale of hay is ready. Maybe I’ll come back to this dumbass query after dinner.

On second thoughts… no.

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