Abandoned in autumn and left outside all winter

The other day I got very excited at the prospect of doing some gardening over the weekend. I hadn’t expected it to be quite so cold. However, on Sunday afternoon, after having been party to the sun’s rays for a few hours, the back garden finally warmed up to a bearable temperature, and I ventured out for a couple of hours before the light faded and I was forced back inside.

I raked up leaves on the lawn, and swept up leaves on the patio. I also discarded the remains of a few potted plants which had been abandoned in autumn and left outside all winter. I cut back the ivy on the fence, and dug up some of the larger areas of weeds in the borders with myWell, my dad’s new Okay, technically they are 30 years old, but they are in immaculate condition spadeSome people call a spade a shovel. That’s fine and forkAt this point, I’d usually make a joke, but I’m at a loss.

The compost bin has gone from full to… well, I don’t know what comes after full. It’s not overflowing, it’s just intensely dense.

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I could discuss this with you in person, but I thought I’d say it here instead. I think we can take some of the compost out of the bottom of the bin and put it on the flowerbeds. I think this might be what mulching is. I think it might be good for the soil. Perhaps we should ask Graybo.

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