It Continues

She’s still being sick in the morning, and we are now past eight weeks, so the worst of the pressure has passed. Her latest purchase is a pair of acupressure wristabands which she says are quite uncomfortable, but they might be working. Let’s see what happens on Monday when they go up against the 7:30 start and a full day at work – that will be a battle and no mistake.

Myself, I’m settled down, I’d say. There isn’t really much for me to be doing at this stage – I guess that my biggest responsibilities come after the baby is born, and I take on half (or thereabouts) of looking after the little fella. At this early stage, there isn’t really a significant change to our normal daily life, but I expect that towards the later stages of the pregnancy I will be feeling a little left out. Ah well, c’est la vie.

She’s been very low on energy lately – she is going to bed even earlier than before, and the rest of the time she is generally lying down on either the sofa or the bed. She’s a little upset that I will find her unsexy and go hunting for a replacement. I’ve so far failed to come up with a real killer reply to that one, apart from “that won’t happen.” That’s all that I can think of.

I won’t deny that things are changing. But I’m really not in a position to forecast what will happen next – whether things will change back in time, or whether they will just change into something else entirely. It’s clearly a period of transition, so I’m just going to sit tight, hold her close, and we’ll take this ride together. Because I love her, and that’s what we do.

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