Our shour

Hey, we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we peeled the labels off of the Boots Basics shampoo and conditioner and wrote “SHAMPOO” and “CONDITIONER” on them by hand? Then people wouldn’t know that we had bought really cheap shampoo and conditioner, and next time we are in the shop, and we come to our senses, and buy not-so-cheap products, we can refill these bottles, and they will look ace?

And then, I added, we should do the same to the spare bottles of shower gel, but to deter people from using them (because they are supposed to be the spares, you see) we could write “ACID” and “NAPALM” on them instead.

Viola ((for the benefit of the kind of people who find winky smileys useful to figure out if I am trying to be funny or not, this was an intentional (and hilarious) mis-spelling.)).


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